Importance of Brand Trust

BrandSpark's research has repeatedly confirmed that when considering the purchase of CPG products, consumers place enormous value in brand trust.

Shoppers prefer to buy new products from brands they trust:

Consumers' reasons for citing a brand as their most trusted vary by category. Quality perceptions and taste drive which Food brands are most trusted, while taste preferences particularly are most cited as the reason for favouring one Beverage brand over others. For Health and Beauty brands, trust is built on quality perceptions, effectiveness (i.e. meeting personal needs) and perception of a fair price. For Household brands, consumers most often cite effectiveness and for Kids brands, a guarantee of gentleness is most important.


How Winners Are Determined

Through the BrandSpark American Shopper Study, consumers were asked to name their most trusted brands in CPG categories in which they purchase products.

The open-text responses and reasons for trusting those brands were analyzed by BrandSpark researchers and the Most Trusted brands were ranked based on the greatest volume of mentions.


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